Monday, September 03, 2007

Story 46 – Story of Bala Krishna’s plays – 11


Though there are a lot of plays in the childhood of Krishna, we have only dealt few of the most important ones. We have to always remember that the goal of studying these stories is not about the miracles performed by an avataara but to gain focus on the ultimate reality of non-dual Lord. The moment we forget the ultimate reality of Lord, then we end up in sorrow as everything apart from the Lord is only an illusion of names and forms. Even as any illusion will lead us to sorrow alone, forgetting the ultimate reality of Lord will only lead us to sorrow and sufferings in the ocean of samsaara.

Though we all are by nature the ultimate reality of Lord, we have somehow forgotten our very nature of Lord – this is termed as ignorance. Ignorance makes us think that we are the body-mind-intellect complex. Therefore seeking bliss in the external world, we do actions. We enjoy sensual pleasures by doing actions. We do actions for enjoyment and enjoy for doing more actions. This endless chain of action and enjoyment continues from birth to death to birth to death until we realize our very nature of eternal blissful Lord. These stories of Bhagavatham help us in remembering and asserting the reality that whatever exists is only an illusion of names and forms in the reality of Lord. If we forget this main import of Bhagavatham, we will be deluded in the ocean of samsaara even as a person is deluded into thinking that water is present in desert.

There is no other story than the life of Sri Krishna in the puranas to illustrate the emphasis of knowledge and its implementation in life. Even when he was born in the cell, he was in between Mahabharatha war, fighting many demons, his son lost and his kinsmen killing each other, the Lord was ever blissful. This state of blissful-ness is possible only when a person is ever established in Self-Realization (always being established as the non-dual Lord). Lord Krishna was ever in that state and hence Bhagavatham itself proclaims Krishna as a poorna avataara.

Even when Krishna was a baby and did pranks, it had some or the other import in it. Thus the very life of Krishna was to demonstrate as to how to life blissfully in the world ever remembering the ultimate reality of Lord. In this particular story we learnt about the reality that everything is the Lord alone through the tussle between Brahma and Krishna. Whenever ego arises, it will only lead us into trouble. Ego brings in duality thereby making us deluded into the dual world rather than concentrate on the non-dual reality. Thus Brahma thought that he was greater than Krishna – this was due to forgetting the reality that everything is the Lord alone. But the Lord instead made Brahma realize the truth by showing that everything is the Lord alone – whatever is seen and whatever is unseen all are nothing but the ultimate reality of Lord alone with different names and forms. As names and forms are not at all real, the ultimate reality of Lord alone is real amidst the names and forms of the Lord.

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